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To Be Vigilant Against Lottery Scam!

Nagaland Police appeals to the public to be vigilant against ‘Lottery Scams’ as we are already investigating many of such cases. A “Lottery Scam” is a type of advance- fee fraud which begins with an unexpected email notification, phone call or Text message (SMS) saying that “ You have won” large sum of money. It is very difficult to recover the money which you have already paid in order to claim the prize. It is to be noted mandatorily that -

  1. Unless someone buys a ticket, one cannot win a lottery prize.

  2. All genuine Lotteries will subtract any fees, tax, bank charges, courier charges etc from the “Prize”. No advance fee is ever asked for or paid.

The public is thus urged not to respond in any way to claim/receive such prizes. Further, everyone is requested to share and disseminate such information in any platform in the interest of the general public. For any assistance/information, please e-mail us at or  Also visit our FB page “CID Nagaland”for more info.