Security Service Sacrifice

Caution Against Bank Fraud

Bank Fraud is on the rise in Nagaland. There are Criminals who are involved in buying and selling Bank Accounts of innocent people. There are also people who are opening accounts using fake/forged documents just to sell them to big time criminals (for easy money). Criminal activities using these accounts are increasing manifold. The real problem is those who have sold off their accounts to Criminals aren't even aware of the illegal activities being undertaken using their accounts, let alone being involved. Nevertheless, it is a crime to sell off your account; it is a crime to open an account using forged documents; it is a crime to buy and sell bank accounts; it is a crime if you are letting criminals use your bank accounts to further their activities. PLEASE help us spread the word that it is a Crime to be involved in any of the activities mentioned above!

Also we would like to caution one and all not to share their bank details such as Account number, ATM card number, Secret Pin etc and other personal details with anyone. This is to remind you that your Bank will never call or SMS or e-mail you asking for these details. Criminals can do transactions using your account if they have the above details! Very recently, some people lost lakhs of rupees because they gave out their bank details to Criminals over the PHONE.

More often than not, we become victims of Crimes because of our ignorance. So help us spread the word. Educate your family members, your neighbours, your friends, your villagers etc. Kindly visit our FB page- ‘CID,Nagaland’ for more information.