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The District of Wokha was created in the year 1973. However the post of Superintendent of Police was created only in the year 1981 Vide Govt. Order No.POL-13/8/DEF/77 dated 5/6/81 with upgradation of the post of SDPO Wokha to that of the post of Superintendent of Police. Late V.K. Peseyie took charge as the first S.P. of the District on 18/8/81.

Wokha District has around 116 Villages with a population of 1,61.089 as per 2001 Census record. The Lotha/Naga tribe is the predominant native resident with few other Naga tribes and non-local Indians. Under D.C Wokha, there is 1(one) ADC at Bhandari, SDO (C) Sanis and EAC Hqs.

For effective prevention, detection of crime and maintenance of law and order of the District two Sub-Divisional Police Officer were created (1) SDPO Wokha having jurisdiction of Police Station Wokha/Police Station Sungro and Police out-post Doyang. (2) SDPO Bhandari having Jurisdiction over Bhandari/out-post at Champang and Sanis.

As per available records, the first Police Station of the present geographical area of the District was established at Wokha in the year 1964 Vide Govt. Order No.22/APA/16/64 dated 28/9/64 and was followed by opening of Police check gate at Merapani in the year 1968 Vide Govt. Order No.DEF-6/POL/15/68 dated 15/11/68. The post of C.I. was created in the year 1969 Vide Govt. Order No.DEF/6/POL-17/14/68 dated 10/6/70 .

The post P.I. with staff and that of SDPO Wokha was created in the year 1978 Vide Order No.POL/13/DEF/77 dated 21/4/78. While re-organization of DEF throughout the state of Nagaland was effected in 1982, Bhandari Police out-post was upgraded to full-fledged Police Station along with creation of new O.P. at Champang, Lotsu and Sungro Vide Govt. Order No. POL-13/8/DEF/77 dated 29/1/89. By the same order a post of Inspector was created to man the Police Station at Wokha as Officer-in-Charge, while Bhandari Police Station O.C. was to be manned by a Sub-Inspector.

The post of 1(one) ABI, 3 ABSI, 135 ORS for the Armed Branch was created in the year 1982 Vide Govt. Order No. POL 66/OG/42/81/B dated 4/1/81 as armed reserve. Besides the above armed reserve, the Government also sanctioned the posts of 1(one) Hav, 1 (one) Naik and 5 (five) AB Constable against each of the State Bank of India Branches at Wokha and Baghty in the Same year Vide Order No.POL-14/11/DEF/78 dated 6/1/82.

The post S.P. Wokha was sanctioned in the year 1983 Vide Order No.POL/13/8/DEF/77 dated 21/4/83.

The Police out-post at Sungro was up-graded into full-fledged Police Station in the year 1988 Vide Order No. POL-7/IGP/M/83 dated 16/2/88. At the request of Shri Imtiwati, the then D.C. Wokha and considering the administrative convenience, the O.P. at Lotsu was shifted to Sanis SDO (C) Headquarters in the year 1990. However, records are not traceable in DEF Wokha Office.

The post of SDPO Bhandari was sanctioned in the year 1988 Vide Govt. Order No.POL-1/ESST/34/82 dated 3/8/88 and Shri Vikashe Sema was the first SDPO of the Sub-Division. As per Govt. order, besides his own duties and responsibilities the SDPO Bhandari is to assist the Border Magistrate Merapani, Nagaland in matters relating to Nagaland Assam Borders. The latest post creation for DEF Wokha was in the year 1998 when 1(one) post of Addl. S.P. was sanctioned temporarily Vide Order No. POL-I/Esstt/5997 dated 19/9/98, Shri M.K. Dev was the first officer posted as Addl.S.P. of the District.


* Superintendent of Police, Wokha

* Additional S. P.

* SDPO (Wokha) & SDPO (Bhandari)


1. Wokha  P. S.

2. Bhandari P. S.

3. Sungro P. S.

4. Ralan P. S.

5. Champang P. S.

6. Sanis P. S.


1. Doyang Police Outpost

2. Baghty Police Outpost


* 7th NAP Battalion at Bhandari

This unit was raised in 1986. The 1st April ‘1986 has been taken as its raising day as per record. The Government of Nagaland sanctioned the Battalion Vide Notification No.POL-25/14/SF/82-83 (PT) dated 06-08-85. In October 1985 the Police Kohima directed the Commandant 1st to 5th NAP to recruit 50 (fifty) boys each and S.P. to recruit 30 (thirty) boys each against 7th and 8th NAP Battalion. The Government of Nagaland Vide Notification No.POL-25/14/SF/82-83 (PT) dated 21-02-86 declared Chumukedima as its temporary Headquarter. Simultaneously Commandant was posted to this Unit and Shri T.M. Wati (IPS) was the first Commandant of the Unit.

In June 1988 the Police Hqr Vide Signal No.PHQ(TECH)7NAP/CONS-1/88 dated 2-6-88 issued instruction to the Commadant for shifting of the Battalion from temporary location to its permanent location at Bhandari however, the Unit continued at Chumukedima till 25-10-94 due to non-availability of accommodation.



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