Security Service Sacrifice



Peren Sub-Division which formed a part of Dimapur District was upgraded to the level of Police District Vide Govt. Notification No. POL-3/ESSTT/6/96 Dated 29/07/93. Since then the Peren Police District is functioning as independent unit. Earlier there was an Addl. S.P. under the control of S.P. Dimapur and since then various proposals for upgrading the strength of DEF Peren have regularly been initiated. Since 1984 when an officer in the rank of Addl. S.P. was holding charge over the Peren Sub-Division there was a total sanctioned strength of 66 (sixty six) personnel including Addl. S.P. By 1990 the posted strength had been increased to 107 (one hundred seven) and by 2000 the sanctioned strength was raised to 160 (one hundred sixty). Again vide Govt. Order No. POL-1/ESSTT/59/97 dated 19/09/98 the post of SDPO Peren was created. Beginning with a sanctioned strength of 66 (sixty six) personnel including the Addl. S.P. in 1984.


* Superintendent of Police, Peren

* Additional S. P.

* SDPO (Peren)


1. PerenĀ  P. S.

2. Jalukie P. S.

3. Khelma P. S.

4. Tening P. S.

5. Athibung P. S.




* 9th NAP (IR) Battalion at Saijang

The 9th NAP Battalion (IR) was sanctioned by the Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI vide order No.II 27011/10/97-PF III(iv) Dated 18.12.98 and by the Govt. of Nagaland vide order no POL/G-H/NAP/13-97(pt) dated 29.01.99. The battalion was raised on 1st March 1999 at Chumukedima, under the command of Shri L.Bendang Lemtur, NPS. The First Batch Recruits passed out their basic training on 9th December 1999 at Local Ground Kohima from 15/01/00. The unit conducted integrated training in CIJW, WT and Commando at Chakhabama itself. On completion of this training all COYS of this unit were attached to various army and Assam Rifles units all over Nagaland for a period of 3 months and then they were further attached to various CRPF units for one month. This completed the training of the newly raised Battalion and satisfied all norms laid down by MHA for training for IR Battalions.

The Battalion started shifting from Chakhabama to Chumukedima by September 2000 and the Battalion Headquarter started functioning in Chumukedima from 1st October 2000.

In the mean time the directly recruited Havildars of the Unit who were being trained at PTS completed their training and rejoined the unit and subsequently the ABSI also passed out and joined their unit. Simultaneously more officers were posted to the Unit and thus the raising of the unit was completed.

Since then the unit Coys and its personnel have criss-crossed the length and breadth of the State on Mobile Patrol and special OPS have been conducted when ordered. The unit has been attending to all serious law and order situation in the entire State as and when it occurs and anti insurgency ops have been carried out when so desired by the higher command and the success of these operation from time to time can be judged by the arrests made and the recovery of arms and ammunition.



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