Security Service Sacrifice



With the formation of the Naga Hill Tuensang Area, Mokokchung sub-Division was upgraded to that of a full-fledged district with effect from 01.12.1967. Initially there was only one police station in the district headquarter at Mokokchung Town, established during the erstwhile Naga Hills District. Subsequently, a post of Sub-Divisional Police Officers was created for Mokokchung but the police units of the district continued to function under the Superintendent of police, Naga Hills, Kohima. In the year 1964, a temporary post of Superintendent of police was created for Mokokchung District. The superintendent of police, Mokokchung was however assigned an important case for investigation at Kohima and continued to supervise the work of Mokokchung district from Kohima itself. After he was free from the investigation of the case, he was posted as an independent S.P. from August 1965 and subsequently the DEF Mokochung started to function as a full-fledged unit with effect from 25.02.1966 with Shri S.R. Dey as the first S.P. of Mokokchung district. Originally DEF Mokokchung was functioning with only one police station at Mokokchung headquarter and one outpost at Lakhuni to Longchem, the police outpost at Lakhuni was also shifted to Longchem.

For the purpose of administrative convenience, the police units of Wokha, Mon and Zunheboto Sub-Divisions were placed under the control of the Superintendent of Police, Mokokchung. Tuensang was a full-fledged district  but there was no regular Policing there. A police station was opened at Tuensang for the first time in 1966 and S.D.P.O. was posted in 1967, the supervisory control of which rested with the S.P. Mokokchung.

In 1974, the post of the Addl. S.P. Tuensang was created under the supervisory control of S.P. Mokokchung. He was put directly under the control of P.H.Q. In the same year SDPO Mon was also put under the direct control of the P.H.Q. It may be noted so far as SDPO Mon is concerned, the post existed since 1969 and only the pattern of command and control changed in 1976. Later SDPOs were posted to Zunheboto and Wokha and continued under the supervision of the S.P Mokokchung. In 1981, Zunheboto and Mon SDPOs were upgraded to the rank of S.P. and assumed independent charges. At the same time, Phek which was a part of Kohima district was made a separate district and an independent S.P. started functioning there.

Various posts for temporary establishments for S.P. Mokokchung were created vide Govt. of Nagaland Home Department notification No.DEF-6/pol/15/68/1 dated 15-11-1968 . Since then more posts have been created.


* Superintendent of Police, Mokokchung.

* Additional S. P.

* SDPO (Mokokchung), SDPO (Tuli) & SDPO (Mangkolemba)

* Dy.SP (Reserve)


1. Mokokchung P. S.-I

2. Mokokchung P. S.-II

3. Tuli P. S.

4. Mangkolemba P. S.

5. Changtongya P. S.

6. Kobulong P. S.

7. Longchem P. S.

8. Tsurangkong P. S.

9. Anaki  ‘C’ P. S.


1. Paper Mill Tuli Police Outpost

2. Chuchuyimlang Police Outpost

3. Alongkima Police Outpost

4. Longsa Police Outpost


1. Office of the Dy. Inspector General of Police (Range) Mokokchung


* 2nd NAP Battalion at Alichen

The 2nd NAP was raised by converting the Mokokchung District Wing of the then V.G. (Village Guard) on 1st August 1964. Initially the Unit was named as 2nd Bn. Spl. Nagaland Armed Police, but later it was renamed as 2nd NAP Bn in October 1966. The permanent Bn. Hqr. was established at Alichen on 31st May 1969.

* 12th NAP (IR) Battalion at Tuli

The 12 NAP(IR) Bn. was sanctioned vide GOI, MHA letter NO.16011/20/2005-PF-IV(iii) dated 22/03/2006 and subsequent sanction order of the Govt. of Nagaland, Home Department vide letter NO.POL-7/IRB/18-99(VOL-II) dated 17/08/2006.

Shri Liremo Lotha, NPS was posted as the first Commandant of the new Unit vide Govt. letter NO.POL/ESSTT/14/82(VOL-I)B/306 dated 19/09/2006 and accordingly he assumed charge of the 12 NAP(IR) Battalion on 06/10/2006.

The office of the Commandant 12 NAP(IR) Bn started functioning w.e.f 12/10/2006 from the office complex of 9 NAP(IR) Bn Rear HQ, CMD in accordance with the approval of PHQ vide letter NO.PHQ(B-I)1/12IRB/2005 dated 09/10/2006.

Chumukedima was declared as the temporary HQ of the Unit under Dimapur Treasury vide GON letter NO.POL-7/IRB/18-99(VOL-II) dated 26/10/2006 and DGP Nagaland letter NO.PHQ(7)BE-1/IRB/2006-07/ dated 26/10/2006.

The Basic Training for the Cadet Havildars and Recruit Constables 9, 10, 11 and 12 NAP(IR) Bns. started w.e.f. 05/02/2007 at PTS ground and the combined Ceremonial Attestation Parade of 9, 10, 11 and 12 NAP(IR) Bns was held at NAP Training Centre Stadium on 23/11/2007 with Shri Neiphiu Rio, Hon'ble Chief Minister, Nagaland as the Chief Guest. Altogether 1067 trainees comprising of 76 Cadet Havildars and 991 Recruit Constables passed out.



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