Security Service Sacrifice



The detail history of SP Kohima establishment are not traceable. However, the first police post was establishment at Kohima during First World War to assist district administration during war-time. This temporary post was continued even after the war. In 1933, the first Police Station was establishment at Kohima at the present North PS. This police station served  the Naga Hills during the Second World war. Some police officers  in the rank of Dy. SP were posted but we have no report of them. Till then, police administration was looked after by Dy. Commissioner Naga Hills. Later on, SP Offices was establishment on 28th December 1953 with Kumar Randip Singh IPS, posted as the SP Kohima of Naga Hills


* Superintendent of Police, Kohima.

* Additional S. P.

* SDPO (Kohima)

* Dy.SP (Establisment), Dy.SP (Reserve) & Dy.SP (Traffic)


1. Kohima North P. S.

2. Kohima South P. S.

3. Khuzama P. S.

4. Tseminyu P. S.

5. Chiephobozou P. S.

6. Sechu (Zubza) P. S.

7. Kezocha P. S.


1. Chandmari Police Outpost

2. Science College Police Outpost

3. Zubza Police Outpost

4. Para-medical Police Outpost


1. Nagaland Police Headquarters, Kohima

2. Office of the Dy. Inspector General of Police (Range) Kohima

3. Office of the Dy. Inspector General of Police (NAP) Kohima

4. Office of the Inspector General of Police (INT)

5. Office of the Dy. Inspector General of Police (NPTO)


* 4th NAP Battalion at Thizama

Creation of the 4th NAP Battalion was made vide Home Department order No. POL-1/13/68 Dated 15/10/68 and the unit was raised at Chumukedima on 09/11/68 under the Commandant of 1st NAP Battalion. The battalion got separate command on 05/10/1969 and was deployed at the border of Assam and Nagaland in January 1970 with its Head quarter at Longnak. The battalion were held in high esteem in the eye of all while they were deployed and performing duty at Longnak. Moving of the troops in the border of Assam and Nagaland involve various complicated task to deal with undesirable activities. However, the task under taken by the unit at the border of Assam and Nagaland brought normalcy through the joint effort of the unit officers and personnel without loss of life and property to the unit. In the late sixties (1971) when Indo-Pak Bangladesh war broke out and when the service of the armies deployed in the State was needed for the war and when the armies was withdrawn from the State this nascent battalion was mobilized in Kohima District to contain the insurgency problem and the unit was shifted to Thizama from Longnak on 15/09/72. Since, then the battalion is permanently stationed at Thizama as the battalion Headquarter till date.

* 10th NAP (IR) Battalion at Zhadima

The 10th NAP Battalion (IR) was sanctioned by the Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI vide order No.II 27011/102/2000-PF III(vii) Dated 18.07.2001 and subsequent order by the Govt. of Nagaland vide POL-7/IRB/18-99(pt) dated 16.12.2001.



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