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Security Service Sacrifice


State Project Management Consultant (SPMC)

Since the implementation of CCTNS and a significant part of the functionality of CCTNS application are driven by the states, State Project Management Consultants is engaged to support the State Empowered Committee in the following areas:

  1. Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR).

  2. Assisting the state in identifying the state Systems Integrator (SI):
    • Customizing the model RFP (Request for Proposal) provided by MHA/NCRB
    • Releasing the RFP assisting the state in managing the bid process
    • Assisting the states with the assessment of techno-commercial appraisal of bids in identifying the state level Systems Integrator (SI).

  3. Developing the functional specifications for the extensions/enhancements of CCTNS application not covered by MHA/NCRB.

State Project Management Unit (SPMU)

In order to monitor the progress on CCTNS the state would engage a state-level Program Management Unit (S-PMU).The scope of S-PMU's work would include the following:

  • Overall project planning and management in collaboration with state Empowered Committee and State/District Mission teams: includes planning, supervising the overall progress of the project, monitor conformance with the timelines, budgets and service levels

  • Review the scope and technical solutions (covering all CCTNS components) provided by the SI

  • Acceptance testing and acceptance

  • Perform structured transition and rollout

  • Post-deployment reviews

  • Confirm and monitor service levels through the engagement with the SI through periodic reviews

  • Monitor the implementation of the project according to the project plan and report to the state Empowered Committee and C-PMU

  • Assess the progress of the implementation and recommend release of funds to the state nodal agency for the SI.