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Security Service Sacrifice


CCTNS adopts a "bundling of services" approach to implementation. Accordingly, all the implementation components at the state level are "bundled" and contracted out to a single Systems Integrator (SI) who would act as a single point of contact and accountability for the implementation, integration and performance of CCTNS. The bundle of services would include the following:

  1. Program Planning and Management.

  2. The SI would customize and implement CCTNS core application provided by NCRB under the guidance of and in consultation with NIC.

  3. The SI would develop and deploy additional functionality that is scoped under CCTNS (for some of the additional functionality, the central nodal agency would provide the functional specifications to ensure standardization across states).

  4. Procurement, installation and commissioning of hardware (including PCs, peripherals, etc.) at police stations and higher offices including site preparation.

  5. Procurement, deployment and commissioning of communications infrastructure (Network, Wiring, Switches etc.) at all police stations and higher offices; SWAN and State Data Center would be leveraged to the extent possible.

  6. Capacity building -
    a) Awareness and Sensitization of benefits of IT along with the application level training
    b) Trainers Training
    c) System Administration and Support Training
    d) Handholding support to the police stations for 6 months

  7. Change management.

  8. Procurement, configuration and commissioning of specialized infrastructure and applications as necessary.

  9. Utilization Statements/ Progress Reports.

  10. Digitization of Historical Records.

  11. Application, System and Network Maintenance.

  12. Helpdesk Support.

The SI would be held responsible for the outcomes of the program and their payments would be linked to the progress of the project as well as the outcomes of the program. The payment schedule will be based on achieving milestones of the Project as well as on accomplishing those milestones with predefined SLAs and Standard.