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Security Service Sacrifice


The overall objective of the MMP is based on enhancing the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the police force in delivering the services. The broad objectives of the project are as follows:

  1. Make the Police functioning citizen friendly, transparent, accountable, effective and efficient by automating the processes and functions at the level of the Police Stations and other police offices at various levels.

  2. Improving delivery of citizen-centric services through effective usage of Information & Communication Technology (ICT).

  3. Provide the Investigating Officers with the tools, technologies and information to facilitate faster and more accurate investigation of crime and detection of criminals.

  4. Improve the Police functioning in various other areas such as Law & Order, Traffic Management, curbing organised crimes, resource management etc.

  5. Facilitate collection, storage, retrieval, analysis, transfer and sharing of data and Information among Police Stations, Districts, State headquarters and other organisations/agencies, including those at Government of India level.

  6. Enabling and assisting the senior Police Officers in better management of Police Force.

  7. Keep track of the progress of the crime and criminal investigation and prosecution Cases, including progress of cases in the Courts.

  8. Reduction in manual and redundant Record keeping.

  9. Enabling the state police in keeping track of criminals and crimes by automating and efficient record keeping in various verifications and NOCs that they issue.

  10. Maintain a high level of efficiency and satisfaction in the force, by efficient HRM, which would indirectly lead to better crime prevention and motivation for excellence in service delivery.

  11. Bring about a major change in the way a policeman in Nagaland Police approaches IT and computers, for ensuring smooth adoption to future innovation and technology application.

  12. Ensure a proper system in place for training and capacity building in the state police, by putting in place suitable infrastructure and guidelines to motivate people to get trained.