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Security Service Sacrifice


The table below provides the committees /teams that form part of the governance structure and their roles and responsibilities as defined in the CCTNS implementation guidelines provided by MHA.

Sr. No. Committee / Team Roles & Responsibilities
1 State Apex Committee * Reviewing progress of the Project,
* Overseeing utilization of funds,
* Policy Directions and Guidance for successful execution of the Project,
* Ensuring continuance of Mission Leader for sufficient duration, and
* Creating a supporting environment for the success of the project
2 State Empowered Committee * Allocation of funds
* Approval of BPR(Business Process Reengineering) proposals in the state
* Sanction of various project components, as may be specified, including hardware/Software procurement
* Approval of the various functionalities to be covered in the project
* Review progress of the project
* Ensure proper training arrangements
* Ensure deployment of proper handholding personnel
* Other important policy and procedural issues
* Guidance to State/District Mission Team
3 State Mission Team * Operational Responsibility for the Project
* Formulating Project Proposal
* Getting sanction of GOI for various projects
* Hardware roll-out and operationalization
* Co-ordination with various agencies
* Resolution of all software related issues including customization
* Resolution of all other issues hindering the project progress
* Any other decision to ensure speedy implementation of the project
* Assist the State Apex and Empowered Committee
4 District Mission Team * Prepare District Project Proposal
* Ensure proper Roll-out of the project in each selection Police station
* Ensure hardware and software installation, and operationalization of the project
* Training of all police personnel in the District
* Site preparation and availability of all utilities
* Ensure separate account keeping for the project
* Appointment and proper utilization of handholding personnel

The composition of State Apex Committee is as following:

Members Composition Suggested
Member 1 (Chairperson) Chief Secretary, Govt of Nagaland
Member 2 Addl. Chief Secretary (Home)
Member 3 Finance Commissioner
Member 4 Secretary, IT&TE
Member 5 Secretary, NCRB
Member 6 Representative of NIC
Member 7 Representative of GOI,MHA
Member 8 (Convener) State Nodal Officer, (CCTNS Project)
Member 9 Any other member Co-opted from the field of IT, Telecom etc

The composition of State Empowered Committee is as following:

Members Composition Suggested
Member 1 (Chairperson) Director General of Police
Member 2 ( Co-Chairperson cum
Nodal Officer )
Head of SCRB
Member 3 Representative of NCRB
Member 4 Representative from Home Department(State Level)
Member 5 Representative from Finance Department
Member 6 Representative from IT& TE Department
Member 7 Representative of NIC
Member 8 Representative of State Implementation Agency
Member 9 (Convenor) Nodal Officer
The Committee may co-opt any other member whenever, felt necessary.

The composition of State Mission Team is as following:

Members Composition Suggested
Member 1 (Mission Leader) Nodal Officer (CCTNS Project)
Member 2 Head of SCRB
Member 3 Head of Implementing Agency
Member 4 State Informatics Officer (SIO), NIC
Nodal Officer/ Head of SCRB, whoever is senior will be the Mission Leader

The composition of District Mission Team will have the following members:

Members Composition Suggested
Member1 (Chairperson) SSP/SP of the District
Member 2 One Officer of DCRB
Member 3 DIO of the NIC District Centre
Member 4 (Convener) One Officer from District Police